Jettison Studios

Jettison Studios is where we have done all of our recording.  It's a house that I designed, had the builders take care of the structural components and then finished the soundproofing, cabling, and acoustics.  It's an on-going process but I think we've been able to get some great sounding records out of the space.  Here's a link to the website:  Jettison Studios     

Jettison Live Room.jpg


Look natural

Friday, we had a great shoot with photographer, Corey Woodruff.  Great to work with and we can't wait to share the photos!  Here's an outtake...

Missed Out

The minute I quit (insert popular computer retailer) I knew I had made the right decision.  I was finished spreading myself too thin and ready to focus on what I love, recording and writing!  Kara and I started on December 1st writing tunes for a new album.   Now in the middle of March, we have between 10-20 new songs in-progress and are working at a feverish pace to wrap up our latest EP, Missed Out.  It's 6 songs with a melody infused electronic vibe.  


Busy busy

We're busy putting all the pieces into place for our upcoming CD release, "What A Chance."    

The CD release show has been booked at Off Broadway with The Feed and we're super excited about it!  It'll be nice to play the new songs out.  We're also immediately going back into the studio to start recording another six tracks.  So stay tuned for more music.  

Please take a minute to checkout the new site.  When the new record is finished, it will be available for purchase on our website first, directly from us, both in digital and physical form.  Thanks for stopping by!